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03-03-2020 10:23 - March Madness - Beginners guide to selling your first property

Selling your first property is just as daunting as buying your first property. Here at Salcey Move we have put together a list to help you along the way.
So lets get started!

First things first, you will need to instruct an agent. This is where Salcey Move can help, we are one of the newest and current estate agents in Northampton. Our company is built on passion with customer service being our main focus. We are a professional, friendly and honest team of 3 who have over 12 years combined experience and knowledge in the property industry and will work with you closely to get to point number two, setting your For Sale price.

Before you put your property on the market you will need to get your property valued in order to set a sale price, this can be through a local estate agent or online valuation company. A valuation will give you a guide and recommended price, but ultimately it is your decision. It's always important to remember to keep stamp duty brackets in mind, the buyer will be taking this into account and ultimately, they will want to be in the lower brackets. It is also important to bare in mind that an over priced property might sit on the market for a long time and get stale so getting the balance level correct can be hard, this is where you can ask for advise from your chosen estate agent.

Step three. Your property is now on the market and at the right price so you have lots of viewings booked in. Now its time to get your home ready. Spruce up your property and make sure it's always looking its best. Light and neutral colours are known to attract prospective buyers, as well as lots of natural light, so make sure to keep the windows clear of furniture and open the blinds and curtains. Mirrors are also a great way to make rooms look more spacious.

Get yourself a good solicitor. Yes, they are expensive but are vital for the selling process. Finding the right solicitor is important, take your time to do your research on the person and the company. Their experience in buying and selling property is invaluable and can take away a lot of stress and pressure for someone who has never been through the process before.

Offers and Negotiations. While you may have initial interest, offers can easily fall through so it's wise to try not to get too excited when you receive an offer. It is the estate agents role to advise on offers and be the negotiator between the seller and the buyer to reach a price both parties are happy with. There is still a long process that follows and until you exchange, you'll need to work with your solicitor to decide all the finer details, everything from what fixtures and fittings will be included in the sale to how long will be allowed between exchange and completion.

Exchanging contracts. An exchange is when the final contracts are signed and exchanged between acting legal parties. It also means that if the buyer pulls out they will lose their deposit, as will you if you do the same, so at this point you can relax slightly as the chances of them pulling out are reduced.

Almost there, completion. With the help of your solicitor you would have agreed a completion date, this is when the ownership of the property officially changes hands and it is no longer legally yours. Your solicitor will register the transfer of ownership with the land registry and the monies and deed will be transferred by each party's solicitor. You will need to be packed up and moved out by the completion date. Your solicitor will have received the monies from the buyer, and the bank will be paid back if you have an existing mortgage. Fee's are then deducted and then what ever monies are left is your profit to keep.

So just a recap on those important steps:
- Instruct an agent
- Set your For Sale price
- Get your property viewing ready
- Get yourself a good solicitor
- Offers and Negotiations
- Exchanging of contracts
- Completion & moving day

It all sounds very daunting but once you understand the process it does get easier. We hope these steps that Salcey Move have put together will help make things clearer and we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the selling or buying process.
If you are thinking about selling your property or would like to get it valued give us a call on 01604 435135 or drop us an email on

10-02-2020 14:33 - Fantastic February

Do you know when the best time of the year to sell your house is?

The time of year can make a huge difference when selling your home so it is important to know when is the best time to reach the most buyers with your property.

Rightmove have revealed that in 2018 February 19th was the busiest day for property searches with page views exceeding 40 million. Their research also showed that the busiest day of each week was a Tuesday and the busiest time for property searches was 8pm. This information gives a great insight into when is the best time to reach out to the most potential buyers.

The Salcey office has been a hub of excitement over the past few weeks here in Northamptonshire. With more great homes being put on the market we get the enjoyable task of popping out of the office to do some viewings.

Whether it be first time buyers looking at getting on the ladder to grandparents downsizing, here at Salcey move we love to show potential buyers around whilst showing off brilliant homes. Not to mention we also love a good old chat!

With February being a busy month for viewings we have put together some top tips of how to stage your property in the best way.
- Boost Curb appeal - Often potential buyers will do a drive by first so it is well worth the time to mow the lawn, pull up those weeds and give the windows a good wash.
- Give your house a spring clean - This is the cheapest way to help give your house the best chance. Shiny floors and scrubbed counters help make buyers feel relaxed and at home. Don’t forget the bathroom grouting!
- Clear away clutter - You want to let a potential buyer be able to imagine their own furniture in the property, tidying away creates more space.
- Use 'extra rooms' wisely - If your spare room is where you dump all your odd furniture or storage boxes, think about styling it into a specific room. Does the current market call for an office? or how about an extra bedroom?
- Don’t forget the outdoors - Staging the back garden is important too, often buyers will be looking for simple and low maintenance. If you have garden furniture hidden in a shed, set it out for buyers to see how they could use the space themselves.

If you would like to get your house valued then give Salcey Move a call on 01604 435 135.
If you need to discuss any mortgage needs then give our sister company, Salcey Mortgages a call on 01604 905 483

17-01-2020 12:42 - New Year, New House??

Christmas already seems a long time ago as we pass the half way point of January! It has been an incredibly busy start for Salcey Move and our sister company Salcey Mortgages ( with over 20 new clients taken on over the 2 companies so far. January is always a busy month with 'new year, new home' a common theme for a lot of people. Between now and April is always the busiest time of the year with August being a close second. Whether it be first time buyers looking at getting on the ladder to grandparents downsizing, late winter and spring always seems to get Northampton moving. We have had several appointments also where both myself and Dawn have been out to provide a valuation on a property (Dawn) and run through mortgage options (myself) all in one appointment which the feedback for has been excellent and really does offer something unique to Salcey Move. If you are looking to move this year, please do get in touch and see for yourself the benefits of using Salcey Move!


22-12-2019 17:51 - Welcome!

Welcome to Salcey Move, Northampton’s newest estate agent!

My name is Tom Andrews and along side my business partner Dawn Reed and my fiancee Faye Puddiphatt, we have created a company with the aim of bringing a fresh approach to estate agency. After founding and running Salcey Mortgages since 2014, the opportunity to create an estate agency arm was to much of a draw. With hundreds of clients at Salcey Mortgages, I have seen the good and the bad of the estate agency world and plan to take the good bits and ‘double down on it’. I continue to run Salcey Mortgages in conjunction with overseeing Salcey Move and believe the two companies compliment one another. Along with your traditional aspects of estate agency, we plan to be unique in that we are able to offer joint mortgage and valuation appointments! We can tell you your affordability and mortgage options as well as your property value all within one appointment! Even better, Salcey Mortgages has many clients looking at moving home/people looking at buying so I am hoping to do a little matchmaking! Of course, you don’t need to speak to us about mortgages, we can just value and sell your property however with the companies side by side, I truely believe we can offer home movers of Northamptonshire something different to the norm! Here’s to a successful future!

~ Tom Andrews

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