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21-05-2020 19:17 - Lockdown DIY

When thinking about potentially selling your home, you think of all those odd jobs you need to do. One great thing to come out of lockdown is time! Why not put it to good use and do those DIY's. Enforced time at home has led to a DIY explosion around the country and home improvements popping up on social media everyday.
Here are a few do it yourselves that can make your home more appealing to a buyer and are easy to complete without a big cost.

Everyone knows a lick of paint goes a long way. A great tip is to keep it neutral and don't forget the details. If the wall has been freshly painted but the skirting boards haven't been touched up in a few years they will stand out so much more. Often the woodwork is overlooked, so check on those doors as well. A simple coat of white paint gives a fresh and welcoming feel.
Salcey Move’s top tip is that gloss paint is a little dated for woodwork and hard to get looking perfect. Swap your gloss for either a satin or a matte paint, not only is it much more forgiving and easy to work with but also makes the home feel a lot more modern and up to date.

Now is the time to pull those weeds. It makes such a big difference! Whether it’s the front garden or the back, getting rid of weeds makes a space seem clean and well looked after. A low maintenance garden will appeal to much larger audience than a full garden.
Salcey Move’s top tip, dress your garden. If you have some furniture for the garden, set it out! A garden is a massive selling point for a home and using furniture for a buyer to picture themselves enjoying the garden will leave a lastImg image in their minds and help your home stand out from the rest.

Lets face it, you will need to start packing up all your stuff when you move home anyway, so why not start now! Tidying up will help improve your space, giving a larger and cleaner feel to your home. It will also make it easier for a potential buyer to picture themselves in your home.
Salcey Move’s top tip, if you have a lot of person photographs and family portraits up pop them away. This can really help with the photography of your property so your personal pictures are kept personal but again, this also helps buyers imagine themselves living in your home.

Everyone needs more storage. Not only will popping things away into the storage you already have make your home seem cleaner and open up more space but it will also help the buyer see where they can utilise storage too.
Salcey Move’s top tip, If you were thinking about putting a flat pack together then this is the time! A wardrobe and/or a chest of drawers in a bedroom is very important. It shows not only the size of the room but also the potential of what it can be!

We can not tell you how important a bathroom is! Check the sealant around your tub and tiles, does it need a freshen up? Could you do with a new bathroom storage? Throw away those nearly empty shampoo bottles. Bathrooms are meant to be relaxing, so take the time to give it some TLC.
Salcey Move’s top tip is to re-seal everything. It is a cheap and easy way to make a bathroom feel new again. Also it might be time for a new bath mat, again a low cost little touch that could help sway a buyers decision.

Let us know if you have been doing any DIY by tagging us in your home improvement pictures on instagram! Who doesn't love a good before and after! @salceymove
If you are thinking about selling your Northamptonshire home, feel free to give us a call for a chat about what we can offer you on 01604 435135.

31-03-2020 15:28 - The C Word…

I don’t think many people would have expected us to be where we are with the current situation and I for one never imagined being in a position where we couldn’t leave the house more than once a day! It's fair to say life is very different now to what it was only a month ago.

Here at Salcey Move (and our sister company Salcey Mortgages), the phone has not stopped ringing with many people looking for information regarding all things property and how recent changes are going to affect them. We haven’t seen any significant changes to the housing market in terms of property value. At difficult times, everyone has their own opinion on the economic outlook yet no one knows for sure. I think (economically) we are coping well and the government has offered better support financially than many would have first thought. As long as we can return to some sort of normality sooner rather than later then I would expect the property market to pick up where we left off.

Our sister company Salcey Mortgages had their best week year to date last week which is always a good sign of consumer confidence and I still believe the outlook is good. Of course, this may change if we are still in a similar position later in the year but I would like to think we can overcome this virus and come out the other side.

We have had people call who have put their plans on hold until restrictions of movement has been lifted and our best advice is that if you are planning to sell in the foreseeable, now would be a great time to finish all those little jobs in your house which may have been put on the backburner. Its difficult I know, but try and take away the emotion you have for your own property and do your best to try and view the property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Maybe there are things you have become accustomed to but actually you know that you would prefer to tidy up.
Make the property as presentable as possible, a fresh lick of paint or a good spring clean really can make the world of difference! And don’t forget the outside – this is the first thing buyers will see when they pull up. A neatly cut lawn will do wonders when presenting your property.
We are fortunate enough to be able to work from home during this period and happy to take any calls even if it's just generic advice you are after so do please get in touch if we can assist.
Salcey Move - 01604 435135
Salcey Mortgages - 01604 905483

31-03-2020 15:02 - Top tips for selling

Salcey Move are giving you some of our top tips for selling your house.

1. Is there any way you can add value?
This is definitely something to be thinking about if you are thinking about selling in the future and not necessarily right now. The return could well be worth the investment. There is some smaller changes you could make like upgrading to central heating or changing the windows to double glazing; Then you have your bigger projects like a loft conversion, a new kitchen or an extension to your home, these can all seriously raise the value of your property. Here in Northampton there is a great a range of local builders and handymen that can provide quotes easily, if you are not sure where to start here give Salcey Move a call for advice on where or how to add value to your property.

2. Get a plan together!
What is the reason you are selling? Do you need a quick sale or are you just tempted? Everyone sellers reasons will be different however you should never rush a decision. It is a huge task to sell, buy or move. Make sure you think seriously about your decisions and seek the right advice, check the local market, do some research yourself.

3. How to choose an estate agent.
First thing to remember is that the highest asking price is not always best. You still want to be getting people through the door for viewings and no viewings will mean no offers. You will have to work closely with the agent for several weeks on something that can be very stressful and emotional. Choose someone you trust, gut feelings are often right. Check their reviews from previous clients. Do they have a presence on social media? What do their photos of other properties look like? There are lots of things to remember and keep in mind when choosing an agent.

4. A photo is worth a thousand words.
The first thing potential buyers are going to look at is the photos of your property, thats why you need to get the first impression right. We strongly recommend using a marketing pack with professional photographs. Here at Salcey Move we included professional Photography in your price, so you can rest assured we have it covered.

5. Keep it tidy!
The point of viewings is to show off your property! You are trying to make people want to live in your house. Making sure your property is clean, fresh and clutter free will show it in the best light when potential buyers come to view your home. Your estate agent should be giving you feedback after every viewing, you may be able to find a quick fix to any negative feedback.

6. Don't forget your free property valuation
Are you ready to sell or just interested to know how much your home could be worth? Request a free property valuation from Salcey Move with no obligation! Give us a call on 01604 435135 or drop us a message on our contact us page today.

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